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Shawn Grose

Shawn Grose brings a total of over 25 years of pitching experience and over 10 years of coaching. One of

the biggest things that make Shawn so different is the fact that he stands a towering 6’7 and has a very

strong understanding of using a pitcher’s whole body and leverage to bring out the most in every pitch.

Shawn graduated from Hope College in 2009 (playing baseball for 4 years) and continuing his career post

college with the Huntsville Athletics, a semi-pro team down in Alabama. He played one season posting a

7-4 record with a fastball that ranged from 89-93 mph. He was especially known for challenging hitters

with a fastball and using an incredible split-finger for his number one pitch. After his successful season,

Shawn went on to work for the government and then joined the Navy to be a Navy SEAL (physical fitness

is HUGE – be ready). After an injury in BUD/S, he played professional baseball for the military on the

Military All-Stars for the remainder of his career, traveling the United States and playing baseball year-

round against independent teams and All-Star college teams.

Shawn brings not just knowledge of the game and pitching, but also brings a high level of energy and

understanding of body mechanics utilizing all of a pitcher’s tools to be successful. Be ready to work

because Shawn will be!

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