Why is Triboh starting an elite baseball development program for 15u and 16u+?
● The communities in Fox Valley and surrounding areas are underserved in providing advanced development, competitive baseball at 15u and older.
● Most community based programs end player opportunities at 14u, so families need to rely upon qualified volunteerism, longer drive commitments, and/or high prices to help their player develop.
● Triboh fills this gap through a partnership with Bill Angelo, current ECC head coach and one of the most highly respected baseball leaders in the area 
● There is a disconnect between high school programs and travel ball programs. Triboh Baseball will look to work with the high school coaches to better prepare and protect the player from overuse injuries.


What is the plan to extend the age group for teams beyond 16u+?
We are focusing on 15u and 16u for 2018, and offering 17u in 2019.  2020 will include 1 team at 13u and 14u, plus add 18u.


What differentiates Triboh Baseball from other programs?
● Development and Exposure is the foundation of Triboh Baseball
● We have quality coaching and access to local training facilities during the in-season and off-season to elevate development of your player.
● We have talented teams participating in competitive tournaments and exposure events to help collegiate baseball programs see your player
● We have already established relationships with both college coaches and high school coaches all over the country
● We have established history of developing players and placing them in college programs and in professional baseball. 

What is the off-season program look like?
There are four key features to our off-season program:
1. Fall Triboh Only Showcase Event

  • Players will run be measured in running, throwing, hitting, fielding, and pitching

  • Individual Feedback will be provided

  • Individual Performance Scorecards will be distributed at the end

2. Position Specific Instruction

  • Dedicated instruction on advancing position specific skills

  • Weekly during team practice and every 3rd week during position specific workshops

3. Small Group Hitting

  • Minimum once a week, 4:1 hitting to instructor ratio training focused on mechanics, timing, and tempo while giving adequate level of reps

4. Progressive Bullpens/throwing program

  • 8 week progressive plan to build arm strength and pitchability while increasing pitch counts until start of season.

What does the position specific instruction look like?
● Every week beginning in December until High School season (late February), we will provide a rotating 90-minute workshop between catchers, infielders, and outfielders. This will be a progressive curriculum, so players need to attend each workshop. Only players who play this position will attend this workshop.
● The weekly Sunday team practice beginning in December until High School season (late February) will utilize space to divide players by position, build on rotating workshops, and integrate into team play.
● Progress will be measured, tracked and shared

How will my player get individualized development?
● We believe players make players through their commitment, innate talent, and coachability.
● Every player is different and while we provide instruction on proven methods, we adapt to the individual.
● We will be measuring individual performance
● We will conduct an off-season individual feedback session (parents are welcome to attend)
● Additional instruction and training will be available outside of program

Who are the instructors?
● Bill Angelo will be leveraging his extensive network of proven instructors who bring the advanced playing and player instruction experience to your player. While more names will be added you can expect the following:
○ Middle Infielders:Bill Angelo
○ Corner Infielders:Bill Angelo
○ Outfielders:Justin Kalusa
○ Catchers:Bill Angelo
○ Pitchers: Tim Tarter

Why only 6 tournaments?
● For 2018, there are 9 weekends in June and July, but we believe baseball needs to fit with other summer sports, family commitments, and being a young person.
● Six competitive baseball tournaments allows players to participate in individual baseball exposure camps.
● Since we will have multiple teams, we plan to host a mid-summer “intra-squad” game to get competitive reps.

How are you planning to use technology in my player’s instruction?
We partner with Sports Recruiters to provide profile information about all players.  This platform whereby players can research schools based on academics, geography, size, etc to identify the best potential fits for them to continue playing career in college.  This same platform enables both players and coaches to communicate directly with college coaches.

Outside of the Fall Triboh-only Showcase event, what else are you doing for the Fall?
● We know there are multi-sport athletes, players playing in a High School Fall baseball league, and players just wanting a break from playing
● We plan to field rosters (~15-18) to participate in local leagues (i.e. Dupage, Wasco) 
● Participation will allow competitive reps and an opportunity to build Triboh team camaraderie in advance of the Summer season 

How many teams?
We will field a maximum of 2 teams at each age level. This will be determined by level of talent, as all team’s will be expected to be very competitive.  13u and 14u will have 1 team only at each age level.

How many players per roster?
Rosters will be made up of 12-14 full-time players, plus 2 pitcher-only roles

How much does the Program cost?
● HS age Full-time player = $2275; 13/14u players = $2575
● HS age Pitcher-only = $1175

● Non-refundable deposit of $250 will be due upon selection to Program to secure position.

What does this include?
● 10 weeks of winter training (Dec - Feb)
○ 4 days/week of small group (max 4 per 40 min), instructor led hitting sessions that players will register for online based on their availability/schedule. 
● 8 weeks of pitching
○ 4 days/week of small group (max 4 per 40 min), instructor led pitching sessions sessions.
● 10 Sunday training sessions 
● 10 weeks of an individual position focus training session (rotates each week)
● Uniforms
○ 2 pair of pants for full time player
○ 2 jerseys
○ 1 practice jersey
○ 1 hat
○ 1 batting helmet
○ 1 belt
● Paid coaches (head and assistant) and paid instructors for all training listed above.
● 6 tournaments
● Individual assessments

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