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Coach Bill Angelo


From the desk of Coach Bill Angelo! Tryouts this week!

Mission Statement: To become a highly sought after travel baseball organization for high school aged players. It will be built on a foundation of player development, college exposure, character building, and love for the game. 

We will do this by providing a program whereby high school age baseball players will develop their physical skills, mental toughness, baseball IQ, and character in a high level instruction environment. They will also be provided with educational and exposure opportunities at the collegiate level. We will use our already established strong relationships with high school coaches to partner with those of our players to ensure that we are on the same page with regards to arm health and overall development! 

Core Values:
Work Ethic - We will learn to embrace the grind and the process of improvement. We know that hard work will not guarantee our success but will put us in a much better position for success. True success is earned through great effort.

Passion - We will attack everything we do with passion. Where passion is present results are better and every goal is within reach.

Integrity - We will gain success by doing things the right way. 

Hustle - We will play the game with real hustle. It takes zero talent to hustle, so we will hustle at all times, knowing that it is the pathway to our most consistent results.

Teamwork - We will play the game for our teammates and not for our own personal goals. By doing so, it will free us up from pressure and allow us to let our skills and preparation show up more consistently. 

Positivity - We will always approach the game from a positive angle. It is not what happens to us that is important, but the attitude that we have towards what happens to us that is truly important. 

Grit - We will look at obstacles and failure as an opportunity for growth. We will never quit.

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